We offer a wide range of earthen building services and have years of professional experience utilizing local sub-soils in the construction of beautiful, high performance, healthful and low-impact structures. We use earthen material to construct complete homes, auxiliary buildings, wood fired pizza/bread ovens, poured floors, garden walls, benches, children’s outdoor play structures and more.From ground-up design/build of small residential compressed earth block (CEB) and cob projects, to the restoration of historic earthen structures, we are a valuable asset on any project involving the use of unfired, clay-bound building materials.

Many are drawn to earth as a building material because it lends itself to organic sculptural forms that allow unique designs of unrivaled beauty. This is of particular significance in a society where most affordable construction looks very similar and often feels generic, if not soulless. We focus on combining traditional earthen construction methodology with modern equipment and building science to produce spaces that evoke continuity with the past and represent the promise of a better, more sustainable future. In addition to being easy on the environment and a joy to live in, earthen walls are non-toxic, non-combustible, thermally massive, acoustically superior, vapor permeable, and energy efficient. Building with the earth beneath our feet makes sense for many obvious reasons; the primary reason we no longer do much of it in this part of the world is a general lack of the skills and knowledge required to design and work efficiently with materials that can’t be bought at building supply stores. We at Earthbound strive to address this problem by offering a broad spectrum of services to fit each project’s specific needs and constraints.

The world has a long tradition of earthen construction. It stands the test of time, as evidenced by the multitude of ancient earthen structures that remain in use around the world.Our pre-industrial predecessors were exceptionally clever, intuitive and successful builders. We firmly believe that modern technology in and of itself isn’t capable of creating environmentally responsible building practices. It is most valuable in informing and enhancing the use of time-tested traditional building methods and materials. We are especially excited about the ongoing explosion of interest in CEB wall systems and consider this the “mainstream” future of sustainable, high-performance building in this region.