We offer a wide spectrum of natural finish options to suit a surprisingly large variety of applications. We are experienced in interior and exterior applications to many wall substrates including drywall, strawbale, a variety of earthen wall systems, and conventional masonry. Our custom finishes include clay plaster, lime plaster, clay paint, lime wash, sculptural relief work, and castings. The range of texture, color, and character that can be achieved through skilled use of these basic natural materials allows for applications of astounding variety and dramatic aesthetics.

The character and quality of finished wall surfaces have a huge effect on the overall appearance and “feel” of any space. As such, they provide an especially practical and effective opportunity to endow a room with organic warmth, refined elegance, or bright cheer. By utilizing the unique aesthetic and performance characteristics of natural finishes, we can transform your existing spaces and enhance the design potential of new construction.

We source, harvest, process, and mix most of our finish materials ourselves from locally abundant resources. We do this not only because keeping things local is environmentally and socially responsible, but also because it allows us to create one-of-a-kind formulations to meet each individual client’s needs and desires. This is beneficial to our clients because they are not limited to the color and texture options available from off-the-shelf products and don’t have to pay industrial “middle men” or shipping fees.