We are experienced in straw bale building systems and offer a full spectrum of consultation and custom construction services to suit individual client needs.

A properly executed straw bale design will produce a non-toxic, fire and pest resistant building envelope with superior thermal and acoustic properties and dramatic aesthetics. Building with straw requires careful consideration of a broad spectrum of challenges unique to the details of each individual project. Our consulting services have proven helpful to owner-builders and general contractors lacking hands-on experience with this “unconventional” building material. We can consult with clients concerning the many details specific to straw bale construction, helping you avoid common mistakes and ensure the success of your project. As part of these services, we can assist clients in sourcing local bales and appropriate building materials, coordinating bale-specific project details with other professionals, and negotiating the ever-widening body of building science specific to working with straw. We have found that it is especially important that clients, designers, and general contractors seek expert advice concerning their natural plaster and finish options, as the relevant details are essential to the cost, health, performance, longevity, and beauty of a straw bale building.

If you are interested in sharing the building experience with others eager to learn by doing, we can often put volunteers and students to work via bale wall raisings and hands-on skill building workshops.